Hi! We're Karina and Michael. 

We're photographers who are completely in love with each other and enjoy serving others. 

We know planning a wedding can be crazy and stressful. We want to take the stress out of at least one part of the process: your photos. Let's get to know each because, let's be real, you're going to be with us most of your wedding day. We'll plan with you and think through your day so that when your wedding arrives, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

To see what it's like to work with us, check out our process

If you're interested in working with us, let's talk. We'll even treat you to a good drink. 

We want to focus on our clients, so we only take 12 weddings a year. We want yours to be one of them. 

Here's what Carter & Rob had to say after working with us:

"Michael & Karina at Metts Photo have been wonderful to work with from the start. They are responsive, and Karina is very helpful and willing to talk through details, from photo lists to day-of schedule. Our engagement session was fun and relaxed, and they got us the photos within a week. They were absolutely everywhere (without being intrusive!) at our wedding, and captured so many wonderful moments. They came during prep and stayed until the dance floor shut down. The photos they got are fantastic, and were provided to us within a month of the wedding. Highly, highly recommend Metts Photo!" 


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About Karina & Michael

Karina Mora-Metts

Karina always knew she would own her own small business. Working in her father's shop as a teen, she learned the ins and outs of being a small business owner. During college, she studied film photography and when she started dating Michael, he bought her a digital SLR. For her it was a no brainer for her to build Michael's part-time photo business into Metts Photo.

Karina's perfect meal is a good burger paired with a beer. Thankfully, there are a lot of great burgers in Chicago. 25 Degrees is her favorite and always her first choice.

She loves her two kids, and loves being able to homeschool them whenever she isn't trying to run the worldor just run in preparation for her next race. 

Michael METTS

Michael started saving for his first camera when he was ten years old and he has been telling stories through photographs ever since. He started doing paid photoshoots at the age of 15 and discovered he had accidentally started a business.

Later, he studied visual storytelling in college and pursued a career in photojournalism. He wanted to work for a newspaper...but those aren't really a thing anymore, so he focused on content on the internet. 

Right now he works as a software designer during the week. When he's not telling stories through photographs, he's looking for new burgers to try with Karina.  


Michael and Karina have two little photographers in training who love to help with the business wherever they can.