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Paints, pumpkins and haircuts.


Michael was away on business this week and whenever he is gone, I try to fill the time with activities the kids and I can look forward to. During this time, I don’t get many chances to work. Because of this, I try to document the days so at least I feel like I’m “working.”

We enjoyed some art time with paint stamping on Tuesday. I had some flowers that were about to wilt, so I thought it would be perfect for stamping. Elias loved it. He loved using his cars with the paint too. Elena preferred to paint with a paint brush. When I asked her what she made she stated, quite boldly, “art.” Ok, no arguing there.

We ventured out to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. They had a great time picking out a pumpkin. Elias found his right away. Elena had to search and search for the perfect one.

Elias got his first hair cut at a salon yesterday. With a photo shoot coming up I thought his hair could use a little trim. He had a great time, probably because he could watch his favorite show: Thomas and Friends. He also got to play with the trains afterward.

I also finished up Elena’s recital skirt for Saturday. She is supposed to be a ghost, but there is no way she wanted to be a ghost… so she is a ballet princess. Hopefully the fact that it is white will pass for a ghosty type costume. I just need to fix the straps.

It has been a fun week, but we are ready for Michael to be back with us.

posted on October 24, 2014 by karina

Registration for our first Intro to photography workshop is now open!


We have been wedding photographers for 10 years now. With each passing year we grow more and more passionate about helping other people take great photos, too. Taking a photo is easy, but it takes thought and skill to capture an image that tells a story while nailing the composition.

Whether you want to learn the basic functions of your camera, how to make sure your lighting is good, or how to use your phone to take pictures that can help market your business, this workshop is about helping you grow.

February 7, 2015
9:00am-5:00pm (lunch will be provided)

Have questions? View a detailed timeline of the day and some FAQs.

Michael & Karina’s home, just outside Chicago.

Investment: $325
If you reserve your spot by October 31st you will receive $50 off with the code: earlybird

Register here.

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Skyloft intimate elopement: Styled shoot out event


I am so excited to announce our first styled shoot out! Kristina from Vision of Elegance is working with us to put this event together. A stylized shoot is a great way for photographers to work alongside other professionals in the industry as they put together a mock event. We are opening this opportunity up to other photographers who are just getting started in wedding photography or photographers who are looking to practice new shooting techniques or just want to update their portfolios.

The shoot out is inspired by this year’s winter colors, and a timeless classic city wedding.

The styling will be directed by event planner Kristina from Vision of Elegance. Karina from Metts Photo will be the lead photographer for this event, and is there to help other photographers as well.

If you would like to join us for this exclusive event, please e-mail me at for details.

The registration fee is $75.00 and is limited to the first 4 photographers. Once you register we will e-mail you with an inspiration board and more details.

Saturday Nov 8 2014

Bridgeport Art Center

Click here to register.

We are so excited to dress up this space and can’t wait to work with you!

Vendors involved:

Venue: Bridgeport Art Center
Event Planner: Kristina-Vision of Elegance
Photographer: Karina-Metts Photo

Baked Goods: Bake Me Happy
Stationary: Amanda Day Rose
Props: Rent Vintage Chicago
Florist: Blumgarten & Co.

posted on September 29, 2014 by karina