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Usually when Michael is gone for a week on a work trip, I take out our DSLR cameras and document life with the kids, so I can share pictures with him. However he doesn’t exactly get a play-by-play since it’s hard to carry a big camera all day with kids and take care of all the chores at the same time. This week I decided to use my phone and intentionally document the kids being themselves so he could feel like he was still a part of their day.

I also decided to use different editing apps because I had bought a few, but didn’t use them very much. Instagram makes it easy to simply select a filter and post. This week I used three different apps: SnapSeed, VSCOcam, and Faded.

These first two pictures were edited with SnapSeed. This app gives you complete control over editing. You can even choose specific areas to edit. For both of these pictures I pulled down the brightness of the backgrounds and added a little more contrast to the photo to make my subjects pop a little more. This is a great app if you don’t want to use a filter, but make subtle enhancements.

VSCOcam has filters you can use. It comes with some free filters, and you can purchase more if you want. There is also an option to choose how much of the filter you want to apply. Once you apply a filter you can then edit the photos different components such as exposure, contrast, temperature, etc. I didn’t buy and extra filters, but used what it came with and adjusted the filter to my liking.

I originally bought VSCOcam because they have partnered with Artifact Uprising, where we order our personal photo albums.

I decided to try Faded because I had seen a few friends using this app and was curious. This app gives the options to give your photos a film-like effect. You can choose your film filter and then edit within the filter. The first four pictures are without a film filter. I simply used the basic editing options, exposure, contrast, fade, temperature, etc. The last two photos I used a film filer as well as some emulsion, dust, and burning effects. You also have the option of buying more effects. I really like how the black and white photos came out. Very crisp and clean.

I enjoyed documenting the kids’ week and sharing the pictures with Michael. It was also good for me to see the different editing options instead of always just using the Instagram filters because honestly I don’t always like how they make my pictures look. Now when I have an idea of how I want a phone picture to look, I can have different editing apps to choose from to give me the look I am going for. I’m excited to keep exploring these apps and maybe purchasing more options.

We will be talking about phone photography at our workshop in a few weeks. We will be touching on different editing apps, but also how to capture a great photo of your everyday life with your phone. There is still time to sign up!

posted on January 26, 2015 by karina

First book of the year: Make Your Mark


I have just finished reading my first book of the year: Make Your Mark: The Creative’s guide to building a business with impact, edited by Jocelyn K. Glei and I’ve practically underlined the entire thing.

This book features insights from 21 entrepreneurs and experts as they help you understand the steps it takes to build a purposeful and successful business. While the book is geared more toward businesses that sell a product as opposed to a service, I still gained a ton of insight and can apply most of the advice to the way I view my business.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to start a business or take their current project to the next level.

My goal is to read seven books this year, so finishing one the first month of the year is pretty good (even though I technically started reading it last year). It’s not easy reading with little kids around, so I think one book every few months is an attainable goal…at least I hope. ;-)

posted on January 23, 2015 by karina

Kristina rebrands Vision of Elegance


I am so excited for my friend Kristina in the rebranding of her wedding and event planning company, Vision of Elegance. She has been doing an awesome job the past year building her name in the Chicago area. We worked together on several different projects last year and I’m excited for what she will do in 2015.

I had the privilege of going to Kristina’s home and taking some pictures of her office as well as capturing some of her in action as she prepared a table for a dinner party.

posted on January 20, 2015 by karina