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New Card Series


They’re here! I have been working with Ari from Chykalophia Design this month to create new cards to include with our packages. We deliver several gifts and products to our clients and I wanted to have cards that flow well together through each wedding journey. It was so easy to work with Ari and she did a great job capturing our brand.

The cards are printed on linen paper. I think they look clean, sleek and go perfectly our packaging.

I’ll be sending out the first package using our new cards today!

posted on July 25, 2014 by karina

Elias’ first attempt at painting


I remember introducing Elena to painting around 16 months. She hates to be messy, so the only paint that she liked painting with was acrylic paint. I know it is bold to let a baby paint with acrylic, but she was good about not putting it in her mouth and she always kept her space clean. Now I know I couldn’t do the same with Elias. One, he doesn’t mind to be messy, and two, he likes to taste everything.

I came across this idea from pinterest. It seemed simple.

Just fill an ice cube tray with condensed milk and add food coloring. It is a good lesson in primary and secondary colors. Elena was very excited when she made new colors.

It is a very messy and sticky project. It tested my self-control and Elena’s OCD of a clean space, but we both did well. Elias loved it. He definitely enjoyed being at the table where he had more control of his painting, then when he was in his high chair. He is growing so fast and being more and more independent everyday.

I’m glad to have some art to hang on our walls.

posted on July 18, 2014 by karina

We have a soccer player.


My little dancer is switching gears this summer and playing on a soccer team. While she has told me many times she misses going to dance class she is very excited to play soccer and have us cheer her on. For those that know Elena she is very girly. Her daily attire is a dress and ballet slippers, so I was anxious about asking her to put on shorts and soccer gear. The last time I encouraged her to wear shorts she burst into tears…so I wasn’t too sure it would work.

However in light of us watching so many World Cup games she knew what to expect as far as uniform. I made sure her practice clothes were pink, so she would be more apt to wear it. (Have I mentioned how girly she is?)

As she was getting dressed she was telling Elias that when he grew up he could wear her soccer socks and guards too when he played. She was excited to play outside in her practice clothes. Her first practice is Wednesday and I hope she is as excited as she was today. We will see how the season goes.

We will be back at dance class in September, and maybe, just maybe continue soccer as well.

posted on July 13, 2014 by karina