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Elena’s second halloween recital


Elena’s halloween recital was this Saturday and I just can’t believe how much Elena has grown and improved in just one short year. You could tell that in last year’s halloween recital she was the smallest one at the show. Not only has she caught up to the other girls in her class height-wise, but she has improved her dancing skills. This year she was in time with the music for almost all her steps.

Her group did a tap dance to a song called “Who let the ghosts out.” It was a cute song, but the concept of ghosts was something we had to have several conversations about. All the dancers were supposed to wear white to appear as if they were ghosts. Elena refused to call herself a ghost, so she said she was a princess, like usual.

Her enthusiasm hasn’t changed a bit. She still loves every second she is on stage. I’m really glad she finds so much joy in dancing. And we love watching the joy on her face.

There was also a difference in how she prepared for her moment on stage. Here’s her silly picture from last year in contrast with her serious and focused attitude this year.

posted on October 27, 2014 by karina

Paints, pumpkins and haircuts.


Michael was away on business this week and whenever he is gone, I try to fill the time with activities the kids and I can look forward to. During this time, I don’t get many chances to work. Because of this, I try to document the days so at least I feel like I’m “working.”

We enjoyed some art time with paint stamping on Tuesday. I had some flowers that were about to wilt, so I thought it would be perfect for stamping. Elias loved it. He loved using his cars with the paint too. Elena preferred to paint with a paint brush. When I asked her what she made she stated, quite boldly, “art.” Ok, no arguing there.

We ventured out to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. They had a great time picking out a pumpkin. Elias found his right away. Elena had to search and search for the perfect one.

Elias got his first hair cut at a salon yesterday. With a photo shoot coming up I thought his hair could use a little trim. He had a great time, probably because he could watch his favorite show: Thomas and Friends. He also got to play with the trains afterward.

I also finished up Elena’s recital skirt for Saturday. She is supposed to be a ghost, but there is no way she wanted to be a ghost… so she is a ballet princess. Hopefully the fact that it is white will pass for a ghosty type costume. I just need to fix the straps.

It has been a fun week, but we are ready for Michael to be back with us.

posted on October 24, 2014 by karina

Registration for our first Intro to photography workshop is now open!


We have been wedding photographers for 10 years now. With each passing year we grow more and more passionate about helping other people take great photos, too. Taking a photo is easy, but it takes thought and skill to capture an image that tells a story while nailing the composition.

Whether you want to learn the basic functions of your camera, how to make sure your lighting is good, or how to use your phone to take pictures that can help market your business, this workshop is about helping you grow.

February 7, 2015
9:00am-5:00pm (lunch will be provided)

Have questions? View a detailed timeline of the day and some FAQs.

Michael & Karina’s home, just outside Chicago.

Investment: $325
If you reserve your spot by October 31st you will receive $50 off with the code: earlybird

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posted on October 15, 2014 by michael