Phone Photography Friday

It's Friday guys! You made it through the week! Woohoo!

I've been sufficiently filled with coffee and pastries this week. I’m getting into my fall groove of donuts, pies, and scones. I exercise every day so that I can indulge my sweet tooth…seriously.

Last week we talked about styling your pictures for social media, and how it’s ok to take time to set things up to get the shot you are hoping for. Today we're talking about something that might be a little harder to set up; people. We're going to take this in two parts, because sometimes you are able to pose, and sometimes you aren’t.


Usually if you are taking a picture of someoneespecially if you’re a momit’s because you want to capture the moment, so you don’t always have the luxury of taking 30 minutes to set and pose that person (or kid), especially if you want to be authentic in telling the story.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to include the person’s whole body, specifically when trying to catch action. Sometimes changing your angle by coming in close or stepping back will make your image more interesting and make people feel like they can experience what's happening at that moment. 

Photographing people isn’t easy. During our workshop we tell you how you can photograph peoplewhether they're your clients or your kidsin a way that engages your audience and stays true to your brand.

There's still time to sign up!


When: Nov 9, 2015 | 5:30-9:00

Place: Lewis Tower, Loyola University Chicago | Beane Hall -13th Floor | 111 E. Pearson Chicago IL 60611

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