Fall is definitely my favorite season. Who else is with me? A show of hands? I mean who can resist apple orchard donuts, the beautiful fall colors, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and dressing in cozy layer upon cozy layer?

I have been so busy the past few weeks that I had totally forgotten my box was coming. But the kids and I opened it right away and they ooo'ed and aaah'ed as I pulled each piece out. (Well mostly Elena...Elias just copies what Elena is doing as he runs too and from his cars). I love trying clothes on with Elena because she thinks everything looks fantastic on me. She talks about the day that she is able to fit into my clothes and already has plans to wear all my outfits.

Anyway, we were all pretty happy with this box.

First of all, I got a coat! I am very specific about my coats, and I usually get a new one every two years or so. I wanted something that looked dressy, was warm and had a neutral color. I really need to be happy with a coat since it's something I wear everyday for about 4-5 months...and they sent the most perfect one: the Almeria Tweed Wool Coat by Pink Martini.

I've really come to embrace stripes this year, so I was really happy with this next top, the Lawford Knit Top by Market & Spruce. It's similar to the one I got last time, which I really like. I like the leather detail in the collar, and how this one is a little longer. 

Another dress! And yes, I requested another one because all the dresses they've sent me this year have been my style. The Janette Dress by Market & Spruce is another winner. I'm excited to wear it with some tights or high boots. (I guess this is a good excuse to buy some new boots).

Another fun top is the Brixon Ivy Romford Stretch Lace Knit Top. Michael was a little surprised by the color, since I don't usually wear brighter colors, but after a little coaxing from my sister, I decided to keep it. I tried it on with a black cami, and I think I like it better than with the purple one it came with.

My final piece is the Nielson Lightweight Cotton Cardigan by Brixon Ivy. The material is SO light and comfortable. It's like wearing long underwear. I'm sure I'll be able to wear this into the spring next year too! 

I give this fix two thumbs up! Is it bad that I'm wanting my next box now? It will come just before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! ;-)

If you're looking for some new fall pieces to add to your closet, sign up and give it a try!