Phone Photography Friday

Haaaaaay! It's Friday again. And the weather is perfect for running. I enjoyed a nice run this morning after more than a week of Michael being away from home. 

We're exactly a month away from the next phone photography workshop! I am busy coming up with ideas for how to style the scene so everyone can practice what they learned during the workshop. I'm also coming up with new goodie bags and books to give out to each attendee. I'm so excited!

Have you been practicing the new techniques we've been going over each Friday and improving your phone photography skills? We already talked about composition and lighting. Now let's talk about styling


When you take a picture of an object, either to promote something for your business or to promote someone else, it's okay to spend some time preparing the scene. You might even take 100 photos of the same thing from different angles stopping every few minutes to shift something then start the picture taking again. We do this because visual presentation matters. 

Not only do you want your subject too look perfectly appealing to the eye, you also want to make sure it's clear to your audience why they should be interested. A big part of that has to do with what you write, but the biggest part of it has to be conveyed through your picture.

Whether it's framing something simple like a USB drive or arranging or an array of products you receive in a care package, during our workshop we can help you think through the photos you style in a way that's attractive and speaks to your brand. 


When: Nov 9, 2015 | 5:30-9:00

Place: Lewis Tower, Loyola University Chicago | Beane Hall -13th Floor | 111 E. Pearson Chicago IL 60611

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