Phone Photography Friday - The workshop

A quick pic of the styled shoot portion, where everyone got to practice what they'd learned.

A quick pic of the styled shoot portion, where everyone got to practice what they'd learned.

Hello! This week felt as if the weekend would never come. At least for me. Perhaps because Elena didn't have school on Wednesday and is also off today. Anyone else feel like their week would never end?

Our second phone photography workshop on Monday was GREAT! We had a fun time teaching and hanging out with our attendees. I wish I had more pictures to show you, but Michael and I always realize afterwards that we barely took any. There's always next time though.

I want to share a few pictures that I've seen a few of our attendees post since the workshop. I can already see an improvement as they are more intentional about their pictures and their brand. I love it!


@alwaysbmoody is a blogger. Her website, is a place where she shares about her life in a wheelchair. These are some pictures she has taken this week. I really like the hashtags she comes up with. You should definitely check out her Instagram feed.

@escandargroup is an event and business concierge company. They launched this year and have an amazing and talented team. Their website now includes their Instagram feed of places around the city. I'm so glad they partnered with us to host this workshop.

@veileventdesign is a shabby chic floral and event design company. Casey's creations are beautiful, and we were so thankful that she sponsored the workshop and provided the beautiful florals for us to use. I love how she is using her images to inspire her followers. Her website,, is amazing and her social media is a reflection of her brand. Definitely give her a follow. 

We are so thankful for all our attendees and can't wait for our next workshop. We will be back in the spring. We hope everyone enjoys the holidays and takes a lot of beautiful pictures!