Here we are again with another great stitch fix box! As soon as the box comes, the kids know they'll get a fashion show. 

Elias kept saying, "You look so beautiful." He's quite the self-esteem booster.  

Elena was more critical,  but usually likes anything I wear, and then talks about how when she gets older we can share clothes. 

This box came just in time for a networking event, and it was a nice way for me to slow down and "be a model" with the kids, with my increasingly busy schedule. 

Aaaaaaaand, I kept everything.

The dress is a winner!! Stitch fix is definitely getting me to like dresses. The Leevie Dress by Pixley is a perfect holiday dress. I'm not much for sequence, but because it is a little bit, and the dress is black, I loved it. I wore it with boots, even though my sister urged me not to...but it was cold...and I ignored her. Next time I'll wear heals...maybe.

I am pretty obsessed with layering my clothes. I wear a tank top under all my tops, and usually feel comfortable when I can put on a sweater or a zip-up. This cardigan is perfect. I actually didn't have a black sweater until now. (Crazy I know) The Jiva Mixed Material Open Cardigan by Olive & Oak was a little confusing at first, but once I realized how it works I loved it. There is a a different material that comes out of the sides, but it drapes effortlessly in front. Very fun.

I also have already worn the Donna Embellished Neckline Blouse by Brixon Ivy to a photography event last week and it was really comfortable. I always like to wear something that's light because I usually get hot at some point as I'm moving around taking photos. This blouse is perfect for shoots.

Now a more casual piece. The Merry Lace Inset Blouse by Crescent will be great with jeans or more casual meetings. It's comfy, and I like comfy. I also really like the lace shoulders and the 3/4 quarter length sleeve. I have a habit of rolling my sleeves up when I talk... then rolling them down... then rolling them up. Yeah... I annoy myself. This helps with that since the elastic keeps the sleeves in place. 

Lastly I received a necklace! I have one other necklace from stitch fix. I've realized I really like long, minimalistic necklaces like the Erma Crystal Octagon Pendant Necklace by Marilyn Schiff, but I would never spend time at a store looking through jewelry so I'm glad they sent a one. However, I don't like necklaces or any other jewelry while I'm shooting, so this is reserved for casual hangouts. 

Another stitch fix in the books. My next fix will be my 10th box! (A giveaway might be in order *hint-hint*) If you haven't tried stitch fix for yourself yet, I don't see how anyone can regret it. It's such a nice treat that I've come to really look forward to. 

Soooooooo give it a try. You know you want to. ;-)