Monthly Mocha: Blue Door Farm Stand-Lincoln Park

This year I’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and hanging out with friends in different Chicago neighborhoods. Chicago has so many coffee shops and I thought it would be great to have a preferred place in each area so that when I meet clients, I know of some nice places close to them rather than just defaulting to a nearby Starbucks.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that this month I’ve been addicted to Blue Door Farm Stand in Lincoln Park. The first time I went there I almost passed it because the doors look kind of like apartment building doors. Inside it’s very roomy and has a cozy, yet modern country atmosphere.

Their espresso drinks are really good, especially their mochas. They are not overly sweet. I tasted their classic mocha and their featured iced “mochanut” drink that has coconut in it (think Almond Joy). Yuuuuuum! I’ve tasted a few of their pastries and their brownies…are…amazing! I haven’t yet gone during a meal time, but they have a really appetizing farm-to-table menu with sandwiches, soups and salads and a lot of fresh juice options. They even serve wine and beer if you are in the mood.

You can follow them on Instagram to see what pastries or drinks they are featuring that week. I’m so happy I was introduced to this little coffee shop.

My favorite iced drink is a mocha and I realized I subconsciously judge a coffee shop by how good their mochas are. I’m going to be visiting different coffee shops in Chicago and will be making monthly posts about which ones I think are great, and more importantly how good their mochas are. It’s a good thing I run every morning since I’ll be drinking a lot more mochas this year.