Elena turns four

Today, Elena turns four. It feels unreal. When I held her for the first time, I couldn’t envision what she’d be like at four, but the day has arrived.

Elena can communicate so well. In a way, it has been a little sad to see her learning how to pronounce words correctly and drop her baby talk. She can have a conversation about anything, and she wants to learn about everything.

She enjoys achieving things, and celebrates every accomplishment. When she got a scooter for Christmas, she didn’t know how it worked. She couldn’t steer, she couldn’t stop, but she knew she wanted to ride it. Now it’s February, and she has practiced so much that she can cruise through the house quickly and easily.

Possibly the greatest joy is that she knows who Jesus is and wants to learn more about him. She understands the importance of being kind others. Of sharing what she has been given. Of loving other people even when it’s hard.

This year, she has been looking forward to her birthday for months. We’ve got a lot of celebrating to do. There will be cupcakes, grilled cheese, best friends, a trip to the museum, a new dress, handmade decorations, and a whole lot more.

In the midst of the activities and excitement we have planned, all I’ll be thinking about is how blessed I am to be her Papa.