Elena's birthday weekend

Elena is finally four. She has been anticipating her birthday all month long. Every day she would ask us if it was her birthday yet. She asked even if she was looking at the calendar and knew which day we were on, and which day was her birthday. She just wanted to make sure she didn’t miss it.

On her birthday, she had school and one of her teachers made a paper crown for her. She wore it all day. That evening we invited her best friend Eliza over to have dinner and cake with us.

We enjoyed a great morning at the Field Museum on Friday. Elena absolutely loved it. She had been asking to go for a while, and was excited it was actually happening. She really liked seeing the animals and the dinosaur bones.

Elena wanted a Peg + Cat party (it’s a show that she enjoys watching on PBS). I am not one to go all out on character-themed parties, but since this show is about math and she has been learning a lot from it, I thought, “why not?” It isn’t a super popular show, so I made all the decorations myself since I didn’t find directions on Pinterest or Etsy. I even hand made a dress and bought a hat for her to look like the main character, Peg. She was extremely excited and talked about it to everyone.

We had family over to celebrate. We are so grateful to everyone who was able to make Elena’s day special. In her eyes, it was the best 4th birthday ever.