Perseverance and Patience: Setting the Foundation

Elena and I have very similar personalities. We are perfectionists, strong-willed, and independent. I know this will be much harder during her teenage years, but even now we can butt heads.

She received a sewing project for her birthday. The age on the box was a bit older than she is, but I knew we could tackle sewing a cat pillow together. We worked on this for a few weeks, mostly after her nap. If I was home, she would come down and ask to work on her cat pillow. I would stop my Metts Photo work and do this with her before Elias woke up from his nap.

We learned together. While I know I could have finished the project by myself in an hour, I knew it was important for her to do it herself and know she could do it.

We took it a little at a time. I would teach her the type of stitch, do a few for her, then let her finish the rest. She actually did it. By the third day she was sewing by herself without me having to tell her which hole was next. Once she realized the pattern she did really well. I am so proud of her.

She sewed all the features on; eyes, nose, ears, feet, and did about half of the closing. I ended up doing the rest because it was tricky to hold once the stuffing was in. I think she is enjoying her cat pillow so much more because she made it.

I’m also proud of working together. A lot of times she gets frustrated easily when she can’t do something right away, or if she thinks I’m giving her too much instruction, but we really did have a fun time. It’s never too early to teach that perseverance and patience lead to success.