Monthly Mocha - Lovely: a bake shop

Where did May go? This was our busiest month of the year so far and I feel like it went by so quickly. 

I was introduced to Lovely: A Bake Shop when Tiffany from A Splendid Occasion had a pop up flower shop there for valentine's day. I actually didn't get anything to drink that first time I went, but knew I wanted to come back. They didn't disappoint.

Lovely makes a great regular mocha. One of their baristas told me they make their chocolate syrup in-house, which doesn't surprise me since they are a bake shop. Anyway, their mochas are on point. I started following them on Instagram and the pastries they post make my mouth water, so of course I had to try them too. Their croissants are SO GOOD. (Be warned, if you follow them on Instagram you might be tempted to eat your phone...but don't do that...visit them for the real pastries.) 

They have two locations. Their first is in Wicker Park near Milwaukee and Division and is pretty easy to get to if you are driving on I-90/94. Their second location, Lovely, Too (the last two pictures) is also very cute, and located in Edgewater on Bryn Mawr just south of Loyola University's campus. Both locations have this huge jug of fruit infused water available and it is probably the tastiest water I have had at a coffee shop. It made me feel like I was at a spa, which is usually the only other place I drink infused water. 

I will definitely be back, it's a great place to get work done. If anyone ever wants to join me, I'd love to have company.