Stitch Fix #5

This month my stitch fix snuck up on me. I came home from spending the morning with the kids and my box was waiting for me. I excitedly awaited nap time all day so I could try my clothes on. I had hoped I would end up liking each piece, and keep the whole box.

My stylist noticed I had been liking jeans with a stone washed faded look on my Pinterest page, so she decided to send the Angie Skinny Jean (Mavi). I really liked them, and the fact that they go to my lower calf is going to be great for spring and summer. I already wore them the day after they came.

I did like this longer sleeveless shirt. It is the Clift Crochet Hem Top (Papermoon). It was a bit big for me, but if it wasn’t, I would love to wear it with my black leggings. I really like the style so I decided to keep it. I might try to alter it myself…or give it away…if anyone reading is interested, just let me know. 

I loved this shirt as soon as I saw it. It is the Creola Lace Detail Knit Top (Peppercorn) in grey. I wore it the day after I got it, to a networking event. I really like how this shirt is very light and comfortable, but still nice enough to wear to meetings or events.

If I could live in comfy clothes like sweaters, jeans, and big socks every day, I would. I get so excited when I see a casual pull over like these in my fixes. And when it fits, I usually don’t take it off…which I didn’t. I’ve worn it for the past three days now when I’m at home. I know I don’t NEED another pull over, but I’m so glad one more snuck in before I start getting summer clothes.

If you know me, you’ll know I don’t wear jewelry. My wedding band is the only piece I wear, ever. I don’t even have an engagement ring, because when we got engaged I knew I wouldn’t wear it. However, when I saw the Gonzo Stone and Leaf Pendant Necklace (Bay to Baubles) I just felt like it would be so nice to have. I like the simplicity of a thin gold chain. It actually goes perfectly with the grey laced shirt above.

I am once again deciding to keep the whole box which will give me a 25% discount. It is so cool to see everyone who is trying their own fixes. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I do. I’m so excited for my next box! I left a note to my stylist to perhaps get a summer dress in my next box…because maybe it’s time I wear a dress.

If anyone is interested, sign up and give it a try!