Stitch Fix #6

I can't believe I've been receiving stitch fix's for almost a year now! I have no plans to stop anytime soon. They have actually gotten me excited to wear dresses! If you know me, you know that's a huge deal for me since I don't gravitate toward girly clothes. 

I kept most of my box this time and I 'm really excited to wear my new clothes.

This first dress is light and very summery. I almost never wear patterns with images, but I couldn't resist with the Tammi Printed Dress by Pixley. And Michael really liked it, so of course I'm keeping it. 

This next piece by 41 Hawthorn is the Breyson Pleated Tab-Sleeve Blouse. It was really nice, and I wanted to like it...but it was too big. I like that it is light and the color was bright for the summer.

The Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleve Blazer by 41Hawthorn was really nice. I liked the fit and the style, but I am realizing that I have too many blazers and sweaters. I love sweaters, zip-ups and jackets, but I know I need to cut back and actually enjoy the ones I already. I really wish i could wear fall and winter clothing all year long...but I can't. And since it is summer I decided to send it back. 

This next blouse is a keeper. Also by 41Hawthorn (I really do love this brand) is the Moni Abstract Chevron Stud Detail Blouse. I love it. It is light, and perfect for me to wear to a meeting or engagement session. 

And last but certainly not least is my very first little black dress. I knew as soon as I pulled it out of the box I had to keep it. It is the Roana Dress by Brixon Ivy and it fit perfectly. I can't wait to wear it, hopefully soon. 

Once again, thank you Stitch Fix. I am so happy with my new items. And now I have dresses! 

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix for yourself, give it a try! It is really nice to receive a little package of fun every other month: