Monthly Mocha - Dollop

I wish I could extend this month's "Monthly Mocha" to two months because I enjoyed my visits to Dollop so much. I love how clean and minimalist their cafe design in. It makes me feel like being productive. They have a really inviting workspace. 

I visited once for lunch and their roast beef sandwich was ah-mazing. So much so, I didn't take a photo of it because I ate it so quickly. I kept thinking ok, I'll take a picture after the next bite, and then before I knew it I was finished. I also bought a biscuit with butter and jam for the kids during our last visit. It was also super tasty. While they have really good food, their mochas keep me coming back. Iced or hot, their mochas are really REALLY good. 

I know there are a few different Dollop locations. This one is in Streeterville on Ohio, and I really like the location. Street parking isn't too hard to find, and there is always a place for me to sit. It's a really nice downtown coffee shop location to meet clients.

I will see you again Dollop. And again...and probably again. 

A few pictures from my many visits. I've bought more mochas at Dollop than I care to admit, but it's because they're so good.