Phone Photography Friday + Workshop Launch

Happy Friday!

In case you missed it last week, Michael and I are doing a new blog series called Phone Photography Friday. We were so energized by our phone photography workshop that we're doing another one!

Whether you are posting personal pictures or promoting your business, we think the photos you take with your phone and put into the social media world should be excellent. Right!? Because YOU are excellent.

Leading up to the workshop, we're going to give you a little taste of the content every Friday. Last week we talked about light, and this week we're going to start talking about composition. 

This week’s tip: Composition (PART 1)

Composition isn't just about what you want in your picture. It's also about what you don't want to capture. Be conscious about the background and foreground of your subject so your audience doesn't get distracted from what you want to show them.

This seems like a simple thing, but it's hard to keep in mind when you don’t have a lot of time to take your picture. Come to the workshop and we'll walk you through how to clean up the background of your photos, and make sure you're framing your subjects well.

Now... Workshop time! We have a date, time and place. We just need YOU. 

When: Nov 9, 2015 | 5:30-9:00

Place: Lewis Tower, Loyola University Chicago | Beane Hall -13th Floor | 111 E. Pearson Chicago IL 60611

See the full schedule