Elias plays soccer

I am in this denial phase where I don't want to believe that Elias isn't a baby anymore. I remember when he was born, Elena was instantly a "big girl" and "grown up" at 2 years old. Yet, I don't want to accept that my 2.5 year old is growing up.

We are in Elias' third week of soccer. He was wanting to play soccer last year when he saw his sister running...or should I say sauntering after the ball during her soccer season. His time has finally come, and he is completely in his element during practices.

He can dribble and kick the ball pretty well. And I love how he runs with his tongue out.

I'm so excited to share my love of soccer with him and see how he grows.

He had just gotten his hair cut and styled by our amazing stylist Trisha at Lemonmade Salon, so he was feeling pretty good about his soccer practice and his new haircut. He didn't feel so great when Elena swooped in and scored a goal.