Monthly Mocha - Asado coffee roasters

I have been out and about all month. I really wanted to keep busy and stay cozy with warm drinks. I had heard of Asado Coffee Roasters, but hadn't made it to one of their locations yet. Well this was the month! 

I met Veronica from Golden Mean Boudoir for a drink a few weeks ago. She just moved into a studio in West Town, so the Asado on Chicago Ave was a perfect spot for us try out.

The coffee shop is small and clean with some modern vintage decor. It felt modern, but cozy at the same time. It's a great setting for a meeting. I felt very at home, and parking was pretty easy to find nearby. 

My mocha was great! I was sad when I took the last sip. Veronica had a hot chocolate which she enjoyed.

I've been to this area quite bit. Growing up, my father owned a store just across the street from Asado. It's still there, but he sold it long ago. It brought back happy memories to be there again. I've been meeting more people from West Town, so I'm sure I'll be back for another mocha. I'll also have to check out the other locations. 

I'm so excited for February's monthly mocha. I already have the spot picked out. If you want to join me on my coffee adventures all you have to do is ask. :-)