It's the year of giveaways!

Peacoat and dress from Stitch Fix

Peacoat and dress from Stitch Fix

I'm turning 30 this year! I can't believe it, but I'm ready for my 30s. I know I can only get stronger, wiser, and better at my craft. 

I have made some amazing connections in the past few years and had some wonderful clients. I have really been blessed and I want to give more. 

One thing I love is giving gifts. Time and gifts are my love language and I spend most of my time and energy pouring into other energizes me. 

Every month this year there will be a different giveaway. Some small, some bigger, but all personal. 


Red blouse & sweater from Stitch Fix

Red blouse & sweater from Stitch Fix

I'm going to be receiving my 10th stitch fix this month, and I absolutely love getting these boxes.

As a mom and a wedding photographer I don't have a lot of free personal time.

Shopping is super low on my list of things to do, so having a personal stylist with Stitch Fix has really helped me update my wardrobe for work without having to spend hours at the mall. 

I'm so happy with the convenience and customer service they offer, so I want to share my experience. I pretty much wear at least one piece from Stitch Fix every time I go out. 



I'm giving away two $50 gift certificates to STITCH FIX! One for you and the friend you tag on Instagram.


Dress & Necklace from Stitch Fix

Dress & Necklace from Stitch Fix

For a chance at winning:

1. Go to your Instagram and make sure you're following me @karina_mettsphoto AND @mettsphoto

2. Like the post where I'm announcing the giveaway

3. Tag a Friend who would love to win. The friend you tag also has to follow both @karina_mettsphoto and @mettsphoto for your entry to count.






I'll announce the winner on Wednesday, Jan 13th at 5pm. This is my own giveaway and isn't sponsored, affiliated or endorsed with any Instagram or Facebook. 

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Flip through some of the out-takes. Elena took most of the pictures. Elias took the one that Elena is in. She LOVED being a big help. It went much faster than it would have if I had set timers for every shot.