Monthly Mocha: Goddess and the Baker

Phew. It's been a hot minute since I've written a monthly mocha post. The last few months have been the busiest of the year so I haven't had as much time to hang out in coffee shops. 

BUT I'm back. Just in time to enjoy nice, warm drinks as I watch everyone outside bundled in their winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. I just love the fall. 

A few weeks ago I made my way to Goddess and the Baker in the Loop on Wacker. I had a few hours between meetings so I settled in for a little bit here. I had been in and out of the location just south of there on Wabash a few times, but I wanted to get the coffee shop experience. 

This location is much less busy. At least it was on the Sunday evening I went. My usual drink of choice here is a matcha latte. This is the only place I order one of these...because they make it so tasty. 

The previous time I went to the one on Wabash I ordered a coffee which was also amazing. They brew from local roasters This is definitely my go-to coffee place when I'm in the northern loop area. 

I probably wouldn't meet a potential client here the first time because it can get pretty busy, but I wouldn't mind having a quick meet-up with a friend, especially if it isn't peak morning or lunch hours.

I love their aesthetic and consistency across many locations. I'd say it's a great choice for a coffee or a treat. 

Here are some photos from my previous visits in the location on Wabash: