Monthly Mocha: Meddle Coffee Bar


I have to give Michael the credit for this December's monthly mocha. He's always trying to find coffee shops that he thinks I'll like. (I'm kind of picky) He's been talking and raving about Meddle Coffee Bar, a new coffee shop that serves Dark Matter Coffee, on his way to work. He's stopped in a few times and can't stop talking about their lattes.

Well I finally stopped in yesterday and had a great hangout with my good friend Jen. 

I have to admit that other times Michael has recommended a coffee shop, I haven't always agreed with his taste. BUT this time he was right. This coffee shop is modern, edgy, yet comfortable. And their mochas are great! I feel like this is a great West Loop spot for an early morning coffee meeting.

Street parking wasn't hard to find. There's parking right in front of the cafe, and it's only three blocks from Union Station. I feel like if this place was on my way to work, I wouldn't be able to resist stopping in, so I give Michael lots of credit for making this a once in a while treat.