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It's a bittersweet post today. I'm excited to share my latest stitch fix box. But it will be my least for now.

I've loved updating my wardrobe and really finding my style. This is the first time since graduating college that I'm happy and comfortable in my clothes. I've really enjoyed trying new pieces and adding a little bit more jewelry to my collection. 

For my last box I gave my stylist no limits and just told her to send me whatever she thought I'd like. At first I didn't like anything in my box...but as soon as I put the pieces on I realized maybe my stylist has gotten to know my style better than I have. Haha.

This first shirt is the Bali V-Neck Top by Laila Jayde. It's so soft, and I really like the neutral color that can go with my black leggings or blue jeans. It fit perfectly.

Now, I'm not a stranger to wearing jean jackets...but don't they belong in the 90's? However... this Callie Denim Jacket from Kut From The Cloth fit pretty well, and went nicely with the shirt above...and even paired well with the jeans maybe it's pretty perfect. 

I've usually asked them not to send me jeans because finding jeans that fit is quite the adventure. I'm short...with hips, so usually jeans are either too long if they fit well on top, or to tight and are the right height. The only jeans I've liked are from Express. I also usually only wear dark denim.

BUUUUUT. The Ena Skinny Jean from DRD miraculously fits perfectly! They are ankle length, but because I'm short, they fit exactly where I like them and don't drag on the floor! AND they look great with the top and jacket above! What is happening!? Haha.

Ok. Now I'm super into dresses...but I just didn't know about this pattern. I mean this Clora Sweater Dress from Pixley was just little too much for my taste. I would NEVER pick this out at the store. 

It fit perfectly, but I still felt like it was too loud. I Facetimed my sister right away, thinking she would give me a resounding NO. But she actually liked it on me. So did Michael. So did my parents. And my dad who has something to say about everything I wear said it was really nice on me!

Have I stepped into another dimension? 

Finally we have the Donavan Multi-Stranded Beaded Necklace by Zad. Yes and yes. Now I can rotate three different necklaces. I usually like the longer chains, but this shorter one gives me another option. And it looks great with the jeans, shirt, and jacket above. My stylist sent me a whole outfit in this box! 

I've really enjoyed my stitch fix boxes every other month. It's been fun and convenient for me, and my stylist has really gotten to know me pretty well by the looks of this box. I kept everything once again. It was a good way to close.

I've decided it's Michael's turn to update his wardrobe. He's seen me excitedly await my boxes, so now it's his turn to feel as amazing as I do in how I'm presenting myself. I'm sure I'll still go shopping every once and a while and write about my newest additions. 

Until next time!