Monthly Mocha - Three Arts Club Cafe

Feb 29th! This week I've been enjoying tea upon tea in preparation for Elena's flower garden tea party, but I didn't leave my love of mocha go. This month I'm excited to write about the new Three Arts Club Cafe found in Restoration Hardware in the Gold Coast.

There has been a lot of hype around the beauty of Restoration Hardware, but it took me a while to actually visit...and then I didn't want to leave. I've had several work dates and meetings here and I'm pretty sure I won't stop anytime soon. There aren't that many convenient cafes in the Gold Coast to meet clients or other vendors, but RH provides such a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to work or chat. 

Their coffee is from Metropolis and their pastries are from the Donut Vault. Double win! They have nice couches along the restaurant where we can sit and chat. There are also long tables that are convenient for working. The first time I came I had a work day with Liz from Coachhouse Pictures and we ran into two fellow photographers, Jennifer & Jaclyn and we all worked together. Of course we also walked around to look at all the pretty mock rooms for inspiration. I've also run into Rebecca a fellow photographer as I was getting ready to go. (See it's a pretty hopping place among creatives)

I've hung out with Alyssa from CoChic Styling a few times here for coffee and a nice glass of wine. 

They have complimentary valet parking which is amazing. The music is audible but not too loud and pretty mellow so it's not distracting from having conversations or working. I have a few more meetings coming up next month here and I'm really excited to be going back.

Michael is a little jealous because I always rave about this place but have yet to come here with him. One day day.