The year of giveaways - February

February is secretly one of my favorite months. Elena's birthday is at the end of the month and I'm always super excited to plan a party for her, but I also really REALLY like Valentine's day.

I didn't always, but I love getting excited with the kids, and baking special valentine day treats, and making fun crafts. I just love doting on them. 

And now I get to dote on YOU guys! I've teamed up with my friend and amazing stylist Alyssa from CoChic Styling. (She gives great tips on you must follow her blog...AND sign up for her newsletter.) 

As a mom and entrepreneur I always like to look and feel great. I love being able too layer and bundle up in the fall. I LOVE scarves...hats...gloves...anything that's cute and keeps me warm. Alyssa found this amazing scarf made right in Chicago by Milk Handmade . It's very cute I wanted to keep it for myself! Haha. 

You know my love for coffee, so we're also giving away a cute little West Elm mug to keep you cozy while you're at home. 

For all the details of our giveaway visit our Instagram accounts! @karina_mettsphoto & @cochicstyling