A flower garden tea party

I've finally recovered from the whirlwind celebration for Elena's birthday last weekend. She is so excited to be FIVE. 

When I was thinking of what to do for her birthday party I mentioned that perhaps we could do a flower birthday or a tea party, or something else she liked, trying to see which one would get a bigger reaction. But I should've known that pretty much any idea is exciting to her. Her eyes lit up and she said YES! That sounds great! I asked which one? "Both!" she said. And that was the start of her flower garden tea party.

I wanted to create a memorable experience for her and her friends. At each setting they got some goodies: a ring, some hair clips, candy, and their own tea cup.


I then asked my good friend Lovely from May Floral if she would come and teach the girls how to make bouquets. She was amazing and brought a whole flower bar for the girls to play with. Elena was so excited about this part because she loves flowers.

Then I served some fruit tea for the girls and had fruits, veggies, and heart shaped sandwiches for them...but the good part was the cake. 

I ended up making over one hundred mini flower cupcakes...because you really can't have too many. 

Elena had such a great time with her friends! I'm also grateful for my friends that came out to celebrate with us and make bouquets. 

And since one party isn't enough, I threw another party in the evening with my family. We had beautiful flowers to decorate the table and Elena liked showing off her creations. 

I had forgotten to take pictures with her friends against the flower wall, (which took all week to make). But I didn't let my family leave without a group shot. ;-)

I'm so happy Elena enjoyed her day. We are just wrapping up writing thank you notes, and then I guess I'm off to plan Elias' party. He wants a yellow hammerhead shark birthday party. (Once again I offered too many options so we're doing them all.)

*a special thanks to Liz from Coachhouse Pictures for going thrifting for all the little tea sets!