Elias is THREE!

Today my not so little boy turns three. He's told me a few times these last few days that he's a "big boy".

He gets all the heart eye emojis from me. I love this little boy so much that sometimes I think my heart might burst. He still asks me to hold his hand as he falls asleep, and I never turn him down. He loves to cuddle with me and give me big hugs. He also says, "Mom, I love you." as soon as he realizes he's about to get disciplined. (Yup...he knows how to pull my heart strings.)

My sweet, fearless, and goofy boy keeps us laughing all day. He loves playing with his cars and lining them up to race. He likes learning about science (especially dinosaurs and water life), and his favorite thing to do with Elena is build a world out of legos complete with airplanes and cars and a huge castle. His birthday request was to have a hammerhead, yellow birthday party, two of his favorite things. So I did my best to make it happen, and he loved it.