Monthly Mocha - Beatrix

This month's monthly mocha is a little different than my usual cafe posts. I visited Beatirx a few months ago because the coffee shop where I had planned to meet up with Mae from Ruth's Chris Steak House, was really full, so we just walked a few blocks to Beatrix. 

I really like this spot because it's right in River North and easy to get to if I have couples wanting to meet up after work and there's always plenty of seating. The feel is very laid back, but upscale. When you walk in, there's a restaurant that has really good food and wine. I actually met up with one of my couples here for a meeting and we talked about their plans over drinks. They also have a coffee bar section with some nice pastries.

I spent a few hours working at the restaurant this month and then moved over to the attached hotel lobby to listen to a webinar. Those bubble chairs were pretty comfy. 

The times I've been here, I've been able to find parking pretty easily. This is a super nice place to get coffee or drinks, so who's coming with me next time?