First family vacation: Mexico

The Metts Mexico vacation was a success. We partied, swam, and got lots of sun. 

The kids were pretty amazing at the airport considering that it took over 3 hours for us to get from our car to the gate because Midway is cray-cray. They even had a great time on the plane without any screaming or tears. Yay! We got into Mexico at 11pm and poor Elias ended up falling asleep right before we touched down, he just couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to enjoy stepping into Mexico. Haha.

The next morning we got to sleep in, and hung out in Guadalajara for the day. There's this beautiful park that we always visit filled with lots of trees, fountains, and lakes. It's just a nice place to walk and explore. 

That afternoon we had a family get-together. The kids got to meet their cousins for the first time and I enjoyed hanging out with my cousins in person, not just virtually. They rented a bounce house which was a life saver with so many kids. Two of my cousins were pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with Elena and we had our kids a month apart, so it was fun to see them hanging out together.  

Here's a picture of all my cousins' I said, there were a lot of kids. Haha. 

The next day we drove 4 hours to Puerto Vallarta. Doesn't it look like paradise? I had the same breakfast everyday. Yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, Mexican pastries, and coffee. It was delicious! 

Elena got her first manicure while my mom and I got pedicures. She was SO excited. I usually don't let her paint her nails because she bites them, but she wanted this so badly that she stopped biting for the week! Now that's will power.

The hotel was all inclusive so we enjoyed breakfast and dinner at the hotel. 

The kids LOVED playing in the pool. And they played for hours and hours, jumping in over and over again. I had gotten the kids into swimming lessons for the last 6 months, which definitely paid off. Elena was like a fish and swam by herself, and Elias was fearless and would jump in without hesitation. 

They also liked the beach and searching for seashells...but they ended up only finding rocks. Haha. 

After a few days we drove back to Guadalajara and visited this popular market place where I picked up some souvenirs for Elena's classmates. Oh and Starbucks has taken over in Mexico. There are a LOT more locations since the last time I visited. 

We woke up at 3:30am on Saturday to make our early morning flight. Once again, the kids were great. As we were heading to the car at Midway, Elias asked "Are we in Mexico yet?" Haha. I guessed he missed the memo.

It was a great vacation that forced me to unplug. (The internet was awful and when I went to the business center at the hotel in Puerto Vallarta, it felt like they were using dial up.) But it was good for me to just focus on family time. Poor Michael got sick from food poisoning which was a bummer, and Elias got sick the day before we left, but overall it was great. 

We can't wait to go back in a few years. I can't stress enough how important it is to plan that time away to recharge and allow your creativity to be refueled. 

I was on periscope this past Monday talking about the importance of vacations so if you'd like to see the replay click the video below!