Elena's Ballet recital

Elena has been dancing ballet for half her life now. I remember going to her first combination dance class and thinking that maybe I'd made a mistake starting her so early. After a year, I knew I needed to put her in a more serious ballet company where she would get a better foundation. 

This weekend I was so proud of her and am completely secure in knowing I made the right decision. 

She's been dancing with Ballet 5:8 for over a year now. She only has one recital a year at this age and it's a full ballet story. While her class has a little part, (about a two-minute sequence) I'm so happy she's learning to be part of a bigger picture. Next season she gets to move up to the next level which she's so excited about.

I'm not able to see her classes, but I've seen her form and discipline improve so much from last year's recital. 

I didn't take any pictures with our professional camera this year. Michael was away on a business trip, so I wanted to make sure I was fully present with her during the weekend. 

She gets so excited when I put hairspray in her hair and make-up on. She's such a girl. 

I saw a this cool wall, and wanted to take a picture...but she doesn't always cooperate...especially when it's chilly outside. Lol

I took one picture during the performance to send to Michael. At the end of the show, she was pretty disappointed she didn't get to bow as her class went on stage, so after the show I took her aside so she could bow. She's serious about her bows. 

This is seriously my favorite time of the season. We both get so excited about it...and I can't wait for next year!