Monthly Mocha - Big Shoulders Coffee

Monthly Mocha time!!! Last month I had my first ever french press coffee and...I think I'm a coffee snob. I totally understood when they told me the differences between an aeropressed coffee, a drip coffee, and a french pressed coffee. They said things like undertones, oils, aromas...and I got it! 

And it was here at Big Shoulders Coffee where it all clicked. The staff was patient and wasn't annoyed when I asked what the difference was between brewing methods. 

My first time here was with Jenny Connors and I'm so glad because it was with her, because she was fine with my silly coffee questions, and was patient during my 5 minutes of trying to take the perfect picture of my first french press. 

I came back with Ashley from Ashley Nicole Events, Inc. yesterday (which is why my post is a day late). I meant to order a mocha...but I really wanted another french press.  

I'll definitely be back...for a mocha next time. I promise. :-D So if anyone is up for a hangout, this is a great place. 

I love the modern look inside, their amazing coffee choices, and their overall atmosphere. It's right off of I-94, and it's always been easy to find street parking. 

Yup, this one's a good one.