Website refresher

As a business owner I feel like I've learned I'm never going to stop tweaking, and updating certain things on our website, social media, marketing visual, the list goes on. 

I mean I'm always learning, so it makes sense that I'm always trying to make things better. 

Well this weekend we filmed a little video that is now on our home page. It took much longer to get right than I thought. I was like we will be done in 15 minutes...and an hour later...I was still laughing and messing up the take. 

We even had to bring our kids along because... #parentlife and we didn't find any last minute sitters.

Anyway, here's the final take. 

And if you've got an extra 2 can watch some bloopers.

All in all, I think our first try at filming our own video was a success. 

A HUGE thanks to Lil Epic Design for letting us use their amazing space. 

Another BIG thanks to Steph Shertz from Bushyl who has inspired me and taught me through her video course how to even do something like this myself.