Monthly Mocha - Cafe Streets

Alright Cafe Streets, I've been wanting to check you out for a while now...and your time in the spotlight has come. 

I have a hard time finding places I like in Wicker Park. I think it's because most coffee shops and restaurants are always crowded. Wicker Park is just so trendy. But Cafe Streets came through for me. They have a nice patio which is perfect for the nice days, but inside is also really clean and inviting. 

It's located on Division, so parking was pretty easy to find, and on Sundays parking is free. I would definitely be back with a client or a friend for a work date. There were several people working, so I'm guessing it's a really nice place to come and work for a few hours. 

They serve Metric Coffee which I hadn't tasted before. I had a pour over which was ah-mazing, but next time I'm coming back to try their mocha. They also serve teas, and Time Machine cold pressed juices. 

I think this is going to be my go-to Wicker Park place.