Monthly Mocha - The Allis

This is definitely my new favorite West Loop coffee/tea/meeting place. I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Jen here this summer for coffee and cake, and then again this past week for afternoon tea with more good friends Lovely & Liz

Their service and food are great, but their coffee and tea are amazing. It could just be the way they serve it on really cute plates and cups, but they make the whole experience really nice. 

There's street pay-to-park parking nearby. If you're in the mood you can usually find free street parking if you don't mind walking a little bit. In the summer and fall weather, it's nice to walk a little bit.

I'd gladly bring clients or other friends here for a drink or meeting. The space is very roomy, bright, and not loud at all. I love how fresh, natural, and relaxed the space feels. Perfect for inviting creativity on a work day too. 

I seriously can't wait to come back here. Who wants to join me? Seriously. I'm ready to come back any time.