Monthly Mocha: Currency Exchange Cafe

The Currency Exchange Cafe was a cafe that thanks to Instagram I was able to come across. Once someone recommends a cafe to me, I'm pretty much always thinking when I could go. The Currency Exchange Cafe is in Washington Park. I don't typically go to that area of the city, so I knew I'd have to be strategic about planning a trip there. 

Then we were invited by my good friend Martine from Severin Photography, to join her and her son at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was a perfect chance to visit this cafe as it's just 10 minutes from the Museum. And parking was easy to find. 

I have to admit that unless you know where it is, it's easy to pass up. We actually passed it the first time we were looking for it. But once inside it's amazing! They have a kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch. The decor has a cultural flare to it, which looks like a mix of Mexican and Southern Soul. It's very spacious, and would be great for a meeting.

I did in fact get a mocha, which was really good. And it was nice start to my morning.