Monthly Mocha: Little Goat Bakery

Another awesome cafe in the books. This one surprised me, though. I had known about Little Goat Diner for a while. I even knew they had an event space, but I have no idea how I didn't realize they also have a bakery right next to the diner! I mean come on! And they also have a full bar service!

I met up with Kelley from Haviland Events here last month on one of the 80 degree days, before the endless rain came. I always enjoy my chats with her, and her cafe suggestions. I enjoyed a drip coffee and a rosemary white chocolate scone. Kelley got an iced goat milk latte. This is the only place I know of that offers goat milk as an option for a drink! 

The bakery space has a bar where you can sit and comfortably have a conversation. It might get tricky talking to more than one person, so I might not have a client meeting here, but it's a great space to chat with a friend. Their diner next door has more room as far as seating so that might be a better option.

The parking accommodations are on the street but it wasn't hard for me to find a spot a few blocks away. Oh and the music they had playing that day was on point.

This was quite a pleasant find, thanks Kelley for the suggestion!