Elias turns FOUR - dinosaur style

My boy. It's so crazy for me to think he's not a baby anymore. He's sweet, thoughtful, and passionate. His curiosity and persistence amazes me.

I had been planning a space party for the longest time (he really loves space and has learned all about each planet...Jupiter is his favorite because duh, it's the biggest) however a few weeks ago he decided he really LOVES dinosaurs. I just couldn't resist his new found passion, so I changed it all up at the last minute. 

I tried my best to transform our living room to prehistoric time. I even drew dinosaurs free-hand, and I'm so glad he didn't judge them too much. He was so excited to see everything coming together. My sister did an amazing job with a dinosaur cake, which he claimed as his favorite dinosaur. Haha. 

We had a family party for him in the evening, and he was happy to talk about dinosaurs with everyone.

Today is his actual birthday, and he's so excited to celebrate with his class friends at school. We picked out some doughnuts to share, but I think he's more excited to pass out little "dinosaur eggs" filled with mini dinosaurs and tattoos for his friends. I remember those class birthday parties...so fun!

Happy Birthday Elias!