Monthly Mocha: C.C. Ferns

A work date... at C.C.Ferns... with Liz from Coach House Pictures!!!??? How could I say no??? I've heard about this cafe in Humboldt Park a while ago, and even visited a few times but I hadn't really gotten to enjoy the space until recently.

Liz and I worked here last week and it was really enjoyable. The service was great, my mocha was amazing, and the music was perfect for a work environment. 

It's pretty small and cozy, but seating wasn't hard to find. I felt like I was working in someone's home. Free street parking was easy to find across the street. Most of the patrons were working on their laptops or having quiet chats with others. I'd say this is a perfect cafe to bring a book, some work, or meet with a friend. 

Thanks Liz for choosing a great place! 

I mean how pretty does this mocha art look!!!