Monthly Mocha: Portage Grounds

I've been meaning to share this monthly mocha for a while now. We visited Portage Grounds in the spring (I's been a while). I've wantedto visit this cafe for about 3 years. (Yup...that's a long time). 

I have a friend who has worked there, but have never found the right time to visit since it's more north than I usually travel. Well, it finally happened, and I'm so glad that he was working!!! 

Portage Grounds is straight north from us in Portage Park, northwest of Logan Square. It's a cute little cafe with cozy seating next to a fire place. It's very work-friendly and has a shared printer. There's also a little conference room in the back. 

The coffee is great! Their beans are from Passion House Coffee Roasters, and the mocha my friend Gabe made me was on point. We had a great time hanging out with him and his wife. 

Parking was easy to find and free. This cafe has such a relaxed vibe and would be great to meet clients, or friends to co-work. I give this one two thumbs up!