Monthly Mocha: The Coffee Studio


Whoa! I can't believe I missed a month of coffee post! I completely skipped over August!  And now we're in PSL season (I don't actually drink those...GASP...I know..I'm the worst...not really).

I actually visited this cafe in August, just haven't gotten around to posting about it. I ventured all the way up to Andersonville to visit some new Chicago friends at The Coffee Studio. I hung out with Tyler & Eric both amazing entrepreneurs. Tyler is an instagram strategist, and Eric is a fashion stylist with his own product line

The Coffee Studio is a perfect workplace environment. They have nice breakfast and lunch options along with a full array of pastries. They not only serve amazing coffee and tea options but they also serve craft beer and wine. CRAFT BEER. AND. WINE. Their hours, 6:30am-9pm, are perfect for the work from home folks (this is making me want to move to Andersonville). Parking is easy to find, making this a nice place to meet with fellow business owners or clients. One more perk is their outdoor patio. 

I'll definitely be back to this amazing cafe the next time I'm on the North Side. Who else is near The Coffee Studio and wants to plan a date with me?