Elias is THREE!

Today my not so little boy turns three. He's told me a few times these last few days that he's a "big boy".

He gets all the heart eye emojis from me. I love this little boy so much that sometimes I think my heart might burst. He still asks me to hold his hand as he falls asleep, and I never turn him down. He loves to cuddle with me and give me big hugs. He also says, "Mom, I love you." as soon as he realizes he's about to get disciplined. (Yup...he knows how to pull my heart strings.)

My sweet, fearless, and goofy boy keeps us laughing all day. He loves playing with his cars and lining them up to race. He likes learning about science (especially dinosaurs and water life), and his favorite thing to do with Elena is build a world out of legos complete with airplanes and cars and a huge castle. His birthday request was to have a hammerhead, yellow birthday party, two of his favorite things. So I did my best to make it happen, and he loved it. 

First family vacation: Mexico

The Metts Mexico vacation was a success. We partied, swam, and got lots of sun. 

The kids were pretty amazing at the airport considering that it took over 3 hours for us to get from our car to the gate because Midway is cray-cray. They even had a great time on the plane without any screaming or tears. Yay! We got into Mexico at 11pm and poor Elias ended up falling asleep right before we touched down, he just couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to enjoy stepping into Mexico. Haha.

The next morning we got to sleep in, and hung out in Guadalajara for the day. There's this beautiful park that we always visit filled with lots of trees, fountains, and lakes. It's just a nice place to walk and explore. 

That afternoon we had a family get-together. The kids got to meet their cousins for the first time and I enjoyed hanging out with my cousins in person, not just virtually. They rented a bounce house which was a life saver with so many kids. Two of my cousins were pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with Elena and we had our kids a month apart, so it was fun to see them hanging out together.  

Here's a picture of all my cousins' children....like I said, there were a lot of kids. Haha. 

The next day we drove 4 hours to Puerto Vallarta. Doesn't it look like paradise? I had the same breakfast everyday. Yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, Mexican pastries, and coffee. It was delicious! 

Elena got her first manicure while my mom and I got pedicures. She was SO excited. I usually don't let her paint her nails because she bites them, but she wanted this so badly that she stopped biting for the week! Now that's will power.

The hotel was all inclusive so we enjoyed breakfast and dinner at the hotel. 

The kids LOVED playing in the pool. And they played for hours and hours, jumping in over and over again. I had gotten the kids into swimming lessons for the last 6 months, which definitely paid off. Elena was like a fish and swam by herself, and Elias was fearless and would jump in without hesitation. 

They also liked the beach and searching for seashells...but they ended up only finding rocks. Haha. 

After a few days we drove back to Guadalajara and visited this popular market place where I picked up some souvenirs for Elena's classmates. Oh and Starbucks has taken over in Mexico. There are a LOT more locations since the last time I visited. 

We woke up at 3:30am on Saturday to make our early morning flight. Once again, the kids were great. As we were heading to the car at Midway, Elias asked "Are we in Mexico yet?" Haha. I guessed he missed the memo.

It was a great vacation that forced me to unplug. (The internet was awful and when I went to the business center at the hotel in Puerto Vallarta, it felt like they were using dial up.) But it was good for me to just focus on family time. Poor Michael got sick from food poisoning which was a bummer, and Elias got sick the day before we left, but overall it was great. 

We can't wait to go back in a few years. I can't stress enough how important it is to plan that time away to recharge and allow your creativity to be refueled. 

I was on periscope this past Monday talking about the importance of vacations so if you'd like to see the replay click the video below!

Monthly Mocha- Heritage Bicycles

I'm so bummed to be a few days late with my monthly mocha post. I guess I vacationed too hard...and didn't have good internet...that's the real reason. Haha. We had an awesome time in Mexico, (blog post coming soon) but I did miss my good coffee. 

I'm so excited I got to visit Heritage Bicycles in Lakeview last month. I'd heard only great things about this place, and when Gail from Gail Reich Photography suggested this place I was all for it. 

We met up for coffee after a long day. I was hungry, so I got a breakfast sandwich and a mocha. The sandwich was so good! Very fresh. And the mocha was great, although it kind of reminded me of a peppermint mocha. It was really good and not too sweet. 

I didn't realize this place is actually a bicycle shop. In the back there's a place to bring your bike for repair and you can also buy parts for your bike. It's got a very hipster vibe inside. 

They have an outdoor patio, and plenty of street parking. The coffee shop was pretty full when we got there, but I was still able to find a place to park right in front and didn't have to wait long for a table to open up. 

I'll be back for sure. Michael has come here a few times to work and has recommended it to me, so I'm glad I finally got to visit.   

The year of giveaways - March

This month's giveaway is a good one! (Not that the other's aren't...the student in me is just really excited about it). If you're following me on Periscope I'll be talking about this giveaway live at 3pm today! If you're not following me, what are you waiting for, go and follow me! @karina_mettsphoto

Here's a sneak peek. 


Here are the rules to win:

1. Follow me on Instagram @karina_mettsphoto and like the photo where the giveaway is featured.

2. Follow me on Periscope: @karina_mettsphoto.

3. Comment on the giveaway post with your Periscope name so I know you're following. 

Giveaway ends on Friday at 5pm where I'll be announcing the winner LIVE! 

A flower garden tea party

I've finally recovered from the whirlwind celebration for Elena's birthday last weekend. She is so excited to be FIVE. 

When I was thinking of what to do for her birthday party I mentioned that perhaps we could do a flower birthday or a tea party, or something else she liked, trying to see which one would get a bigger reaction. But I should've known that pretty much any idea is exciting to her. Her eyes lit up and she said YES! That sounds great! I asked which one? "Both!" she said. And that was the start of her flower garden tea party.

I wanted to create a memorable experience for her and her friends. At each setting they got some goodies: a ring, some hair clips, candy, and their own tea cup.


I then asked my good friend Lovely from May Floral if she would come and teach the girls how to make bouquets. She was amazing and brought a whole flower bar for the girls to play with. Elena was so excited about this part because she loves flowers.

Then I served some fruit tea for the girls and had fruits, veggies, and heart shaped sandwiches for them...but the good part was the cake. 

I ended up making over one hundred mini flower cupcakes...because you really can't have too many. 

Elena had such a great time with her friends! I'm also grateful for my friends that came out to celebrate with us and make bouquets. 

And since one party isn't enough, I threw another party in the evening with my family. We had beautiful flowers to decorate the table and Elena liked showing off her creations. 

I had forgotten to take pictures with her friends against the flower wall, (which took all week to make). But I didn't let my family leave without a group shot. ;-)

I'm so happy Elena enjoyed her day. We are just wrapping up writing thank you notes, and then I guess I'm off to plan Elias' party. He wants a yellow hammerhead shark birthday party. (Once again I offered too many options so we're doing them all.)

*a special thanks to Liz from Coachhouse Pictures for going thrifting for all the little tea sets!


Monthly Mocha - Three Arts Club Cafe

Feb 29th! This week I've been enjoying tea upon tea in preparation for Elena's flower garden tea party, but I didn't leave my love of mocha go. This month I'm excited to write about the new Three Arts Club Cafe found in Restoration Hardware in the Gold Coast.

There has been a lot of hype around the beauty of Restoration Hardware, but it took me a while to actually visit...and then I didn't want to leave. I've had several work dates and meetings here and I'm pretty sure I won't stop anytime soon. There aren't that many convenient cafes in the Gold Coast to meet clients or other vendors, but RH provides such a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to work or chat. 

Their coffee is from Metropolis and their pastries are from the Donut Vault. Double win! They have nice couches along the restaurant where we can sit and chat. There are also long tables that are convenient for working. The first time I came I had a work day with Liz from Coachhouse Pictures and we ran into two fellow photographers, Jennifer & Jaclyn and we all worked together. Of course we also walked around to look at all the pretty mock rooms for inspiration. I've also run into Rebecca a fellow photographer as I was getting ready to go. (See it's a pretty hopping place among creatives)

I've hung out with Alyssa from CoChic Styling a few times here for coffee and a nice glass of wine. 

They have complimentary valet parking which is amazing. The music is audible but not too loud and pretty mellow so it's not distracting from having conversations or working. I have a few more meetings coming up next month here and I'm really excited to be going back.

Michael is a little jealous because I always rave about this place but have yet to come here with him. One day Michael...one day.

Elena's FIVE!

One of my favorite days of the year is here! Elena and I have been counting down to her birthday since the day she turned 4. 

She is smart, sassy, inquisitive and has such a sensitive heart. She tells me all the time that she got the mom she wished for. But I'm so proud and amazed at the little girl she's become. With similar personalities we butt heads quite a bit, but I'm so excited about her passion and drive to do great things. 

She continues to be super girlyher favorite colors pink and teal. She loves to imagine she runes a household with her brother and friends. Seriously this girl thinks she's ready to get married and have a family. She also loves to read and doodle in her notebooks. Oh and dance. She was born to dance and sing. 

I'm so excited for her flower garden tea party tomorrow. I'm not much of a planner, but when it comes to Elena and Elias' birthdays I want to create the best experience for them and the people who comeand we enjoy every second of it! 


VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

It's a bittersweet post today. I'm excited to share my latest stitch fix box. But it will be my last...at least for now.

I've loved updating my wardrobe and really finding my style. This is the first time since graduating college that I'm happy and comfortable in my clothes. I've really enjoyed trying new pieces and adding a little bit more jewelry to my collection. 

For my last box I gave my stylist no limits and just told her to send me whatever she thought I'd like. At first I didn't like anything in my box...but as soon as I put the pieces on I realized maybe my stylist has gotten to know my style better than I have. Haha.

This first shirt is the Bali V-Neck Top by Laila Jayde. It's so soft, and I really like the neutral color that can go with my black leggings or blue jeans. It fit perfectly.

Now, I'm not a stranger to wearing jean jackets...but don't they belong in the 90's? However... this Callie Denim Jacket from Kut From The Cloth fit pretty well, and went nicely with the shirt above...and even paired well with the jeans below...so maybe it's pretty perfect. 

I've usually asked them not to send me jeans because finding jeans that fit is quite the adventure. I'm short...with hips, so usually jeans are either too long if they fit well on top, or to tight and are the right height. The only jeans I've liked are from Express. I also usually only wear dark denim.

BUUUUUT. The Ena Skinny Jean from DRD miraculously fits perfectly! They are ankle length, but because I'm short, they fit exactly where I like them and don't drag on the floor! AND they look great with the top and jacket above! What is happening!? Haha.

Ok. Now I'm super into dresses...but I just didn't know about this pattern. I mean this Clora Sweater Dress from Pixley was just little too much for my taste. I would NEVER pick this out at the store. 

It fit perfectly, but I still felt like it was too loud. I Facetimed my sister right away, thinking she would give me a resounding NO. But she actually liked it on me. So did Michael. So did my parents. And my dad who has something to say about everything I wear said it was really nice on me!

Have I stepped into another dimension? 

Finally we have the Donavan Multi-Stranded Beaded Necklace by Zad. Yes and yes. Now I can rotate three different necklaces. I usually like the longer chains, but this shorter one gives me another option. And it looks great with the jeans, shirt, and jacket above. My stylist sent me a whole outfit in this box! 

I've really enjoyed my stitch fix boxes every other month. It's been fun and convenient for me, and my stylist has really gotten to know me pretty well by the looks of this box. I kept everything once again. It was a good way to close.

I've decided it's Michael's turn to update his wardrobe. He's seen me excitedly await my boxes, so now it's his turn to feel as amazing as I do in how I'm presenting myself. I'm sure I'll still go shopping every once and a while and write about my newest additions. 

Until next time! 

The year of giveaways - February

February is secretly one of my favorite months. Elena's birthday is at the end of the month and I'm always super excited to plan a party for her, but I also really REALLY like Valentine's day.

I didn't always, but I love getting excited with the kids, and baking special valentine day treats, and making fun crafts. I just love doting on them. 

And now I get to dote on YOU guys! I've teamed up with my friend and amazing stylist Alyssa from CoChic Styling. (She gives great tips on fashion...so you must follow her blog...AND sign up for her newsletter.) 

As a mom and entrepreneur I always like to look and feel great. I love being able too layer and bundle up in the fall. I LOVE scarves...hats...gloves...anything that's cute and keeps me warm. Alyssa found this amazing scarf made right in Chicago by Milk Handmade . It's very cute...so cute I wanted to keep it for myself! Haha. 

You know my love for coffee, so we're also giving away a cute little West Elm mug to keep you cozy while you're at home. 

For all the details of our giveaway visit our Instagram accounts! @karina_mettsphoto & @cochicstyling

Monthly Mocha - Asado coffee roasters

I have been out and about all month. I really wanted to keep busy and stay cozy with warm drinks. I had heard of Asado Coffee Roasters, but hadn't made it to one of their locations yet. Well this was the month! 

I met Veronica from Golden Mean Boudoir for a drink a few weeks ago. She just moved into a studio in West Town, so the Asado on Chicago Ave was a perfect spot for us try out.

The coffee shop is small and clean with some modern vintage decor. It felt modern, but cozy at the same time. It's a great setting for a meeting. I felt very at home, and parking was pretty easy to find nearby. 

My mocha was great! I was sad when I took the last sip. Veronica had a hot chocolate which she enjoyed.

I've been to this area quite bit. Growing up, my father owned a store just across the street from Asado. It's still there, but he sold it long ago. It brought back happy memories to be there again. I've been meeting more people from West Town, so I'm sure I'll be back for another mocha. I'll also have to check out the other locations. 

I'm so excited for February's monthly mocha. I already have the spot picked out. If you want to join me on my coffee adventures all you have to do is ask. :-)

It's the year of giveaways!

 Peacoat and dress from Stitch Fix

Peacoat and dress from Stitch Fix

I'm turning 30 this year! I can't believe it, but I'm ready for my 30s. I know I can only get stronger, wiser, and better at my craft. 

I have made some amazing connections in the past few years and had some wonderful clients. I have really been blessed and I want to give more. 

One thing I love is giving gifts. Time and gifts are my love language and I spend most of my time and energy pouring into other people...because...well...it energizes me. 

Every month this year there will be a different giveaway. Some small, some bigger, but all personal. 


 Red blouse & sweater from Stitch Fix

Red blouse & sweater from Stitch Fix

I'm going to be receiving my 10th stitch fix this month, and I absolutely love getting these boxes.

As a mom and a wedding photographer I don't have a lot of free personal time.

Shopping is super low on my list of things to do, so having a personal stylist with Stitch Fix has really helped me update my wardrobe for work without having to spend hours at the mall. 

I'm so happy with the convenience and customer service they offer, so I want to share my experience. I pretty much wear at least one piece from Stitch Fix every time I go out. 



I'm giving away two $50 gift certificates to STITCH FIX! One for you and the friend you tag on Instagram.


 Dress & Necklace from Stitch Fix

Dress & Necklace from Stitch Fix

For a chance at winning:

1. Go to your Instagram and make sure you're following me @karina_mettsphoto AND @mettsphoto

2. Like the post where I'm announcing the giveaway

3. Tag a Friend who would love to win. The friend you tag also has to follow both @karina_mettsphoto and @mettsphoto for your entry to count.






I'll announce the winner on Wednesday, Jan 13th at 5pm. This is my own giveaway and isn't sponsored, affiliated or endorsed with any Instagram or Facebook. 

To stay in the loop for all our giveaways this year AND get some great tips as an engaged or married couple, sign up for our email newsletter.

Flip through some of the out-takes. Elena took most of the pictures. Elias took the one that Elena is in. She LOVED being a big help. It went much faster than it would have if I had set timers for every shot. 

Monthly Mocha - Star Lounge

Happy New Year's Eve! I'll be having a low key night with the family, but I plan to make it until 11pm to at least see the ball drop in New York.

We've had an enjoyable coffee-filled holiday. Michael has even been making me coffee over the Holidays and since he's been able to watch the kids more, I get to have it warm (Thanks, love).

This month I visited Star Lounge with Jaqueline, make-up artist and owner of Jacqueline Gamache Beauty. She has great taste in coffee and suggested meeting here. Dark Matter's Star Lounge Coffee Bar is located in West Town on Chicago Avenue. Their mocha was on point. It tasted so fresh and not too sweet. Perfect. 

They have plenty of space on the main floor, but they also have a quieter section upstairs and a colorful outside patio for the nice weathered months. There was also plenty of street parking. 

We had run out of coffee at home, so I bought a bag that was roasted just 2 days before. It seriously is some of the best coffee we've had at home. The fact that they roast everything in-house is what makes this coffee so amazing. I've been loving the coffee shops with their own roasters, like last month's monthly mocha from Gaslight Coffee. They also have some fresh and amazing coffee.

Two thumbs up Star Lounge!

Until next year! Have an awesome NYE!


Here we are again with another great stitch fix box! As soon as the box comes, the kids know they'll get a fashion show. 

Elias kept saying, "You look so beautiful." He's quite the self-esteem booster.  

Elena was more critical,  but usually likes anything I wear, and then talks about how when she gets older we can share clothes. 

This box came just in time for a networking event, and it was a nice way for me to slow down and "be a model" with the kids, with my increasingly busy schedule. 

Aaaaaaaand, I kept everything.

The dress is a winner!! Stitch fix is definitely getting me to like dresses. The Leevie Dress by Pixley is a perfect holiday dress. I'm not much for sequence, but because it is a little bit, and the dress is black, I loved it. I wore it with boots, even though my sister urged me not to...but it was cold...and I ignored her. Next time I'll wear heals...maybe.

I am pretty obsessed with layering my clothes. I wear a tank top under all my tops, and usually feel comfortable when I can put on a sweater or a zip-up. This cardigan is perfect. I actually didn't have a black sweater until now. (Crazy I know) The Jiva Mixed Material Open Cardigan by Olive & Oak was a little confusing at first, but once I realized how it works I loved it. There is a a different material that comes out of the sides, but it drapes effortlessly in front. Very fun.

I also have already worn the Donna Embellished Neckline Blouse by Brixon Ivy to a photography event last week and it was really comfortable. I always like to wear something that's light because I usually get hot at some point as I'm moving around taking photos. This blouse is perfect for shoots.

Now a more casual piece. The Merry Lace Inset Blouse by Crescent will be great with jeans or more casual meetings. It's comfy, and I like comfy. I also really like the lace shoulders and the 3/4 quarter length sleeve. I have a habit of rolling my sleeves up when I talk... then rolling them down... then rolling them up. Yeah... I annoy myself. This helps with that since the elastic keeps the sleeves in place. 

Lastly I received a necklace! I have one other necklace from stitch fix. I've realized I really like long, minimalistic necklaces like the Erma Crystal Octagon Pendant Necklace by Marilyn Schiff, but I would never spend time at a store looking through jewelry so I'm glad they sent a one. However, I don't like necklaces or any other jewelry while I'm shooting, so this is reserved for casual hangouts. 

Another stitch fix in the books. My next fix will be my 10th box! (A giveaway might be in order *hint-hint*) If you haven't tried stitch fix for yourself yet, I don't see how anyone can regret it. It's such a nice treat that I've come to really look forward to. 

Soooooooo give it a try. You know you want to. ;-) 

Monthly Mocha - Gaslight

I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with family, love, and lots of coffee. 

We did not partake in the Black Friday craziness, but we did drink our fill of coffee and do a little light Sunday shopping. 

This month for my monthly mocha spot I went to Gaslight Coffee Roasters in Logan Square a few times. I've had their iced tea, hot black tea, and their mochas. All delicious. I need to have their food sometime because it always smells so good. Their mocha is very full and has a roasted taste. Perfect for the winter. Michael thinks I'm becoming a mocha snob. (I'm ok with that.)

I love the location of this place. It's right near the train, has a lot of convenient parking and has a nice amount of seating.  I've even walked here with Liz from Coachhouse Pictures

This is definitely my go-to Logan Square coffee shop. 

Daniel, Jennifer, Perry, and Lydia

This is a family that I sooooo wish lived closer to us. Every time we hang out I wish there was a magical bridge between Michigan and Chicago that would take 5 minutes to cross. Or I wish I was like Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie" and I could appear in Michigan whenever I wanted. 

This weekend I was happy that Daniel and Jennifer stopped by. The kids had a great time playing with Perry, their son. I'm sure Lydia will be able to keep up with them soon. 

Jennifer took our wedding photos and it's always an honor to be able to take pictures of her beautiful family. 

Phone Photography Friday - The workshop

 A quick pic of the styled shoot portion, where everyone got to practice what they'd learned.

A quick pic of the styled shoot portion, where everyone got to practice what they'd learned.

Hello! This week felt as if the weekend would never come. At least for me. Perhaps because Elena didn't have school on Wednesday and is also off today. Anyone else feel like their week would never end?

Our second phone photography workshop on Monday was GREAT! We had a fun time teaching and hanging out with our attendees. I wish I had more pictures to show you, but Michael and I always realize afterwards that we barely took any. There's always next time though.

I want to share a few pictures that I've seen a few of our attendees post since the workshop. I can already see an improvement as they are more intentional about their pictures and their brand. I love it!


@alwaysbmoody is a blogger. Her website, bekmoody.com is a place where she shares about her life in a wheelchair. These are some pictures she has taken this week. I really like the hashtags she comes up with. You should definitely check out her Instagram feed.

@escandargroup is an event and business concierge company. They launched this year and have an amazing and talented team. Their website escandargroup.com now includes their Instagram feed of places around the city. I'm so glad they partnered with us to host this workshop.

@veileventdesign is a shabby chic floral and event design company. Casey's creations are beautiful, and we were so thankful that she sponsored the workshop and provided the beautiful florals for us to use. I love how she is using her images to inspire her followers. Her website, veileventdesign.com, is amazing and her social media is a reflection of her brand. Definitely give her a follow. 

We are so thankful for all our attendees and can't wait for our next workshop. We will be back in the spring. We hope everyone enjoys the holidays and takes a lot of beautiful pictures!

Phone Photography Friday

Hello and good morning!

Welcome to November!

I enjoyed an amazing trip to Dallas this week and came back refreshed and inspired. It's our last phone photography Friday post until the next workshop *tear*. I'm going to be focusing on celebrating the holidays with the family and planning for 2016, but Phone Photography Fridays will be back in the new year!

We talked about telling your story last week and now we're taking things a step further by talking about branding.


Examples: @mjmetts' feed shows you how he sees the world due to his background in photojournalism. @karina_mettsphoto shows her life as a mother and an entrepreneur. @mettsphoto is like a lookbook for wedding clients wanting to get a feel for our work. @mariabayer1 is a business coach and you can see her passion as she encourages her audience through words while keeping her feed cohesive and giving you a glimpse of her brand (you should follow her...she's great).

If you're a business owner, you pour yourself into your business. You should think about social media the same way. Thinking about your social media as a complete story instead of single posts will give you a better idea of what to post and what not to post. You will build your audience based on how you want to be perceived, so authenticity is key. 

We're going talk about branding in depth at our workshop on Monday! You don't want to miss our last one of the year.

We are going to have snacks, desserts, goodies to give away, and a time to practice what you've been learning.


When: Nov 9, 2015 | 5:30-9:00

Place: Lewis Tower, Loyola University Chicago | Beane Hall -13th Floor | 111 E. Pearson Chicago IL 60611

See the full schedule

Monthly Mocha - Bow Truss

We've officially entered the season where warm drinks are a must. Daily. I've got my winter coat ready, sweaters galore, and my coffee shops lined up ready for me to visit. 

This month I hung out at Bow Truss. They have several locations around the city. I visited two, but I'm sure I'll make my way to the others soon enough.

I found Bow Truss when I was looking for a coffee shop that would be ideal for an engagement session. One of my couples loves to go on coffee dates and we wanted to take pictures in Lincoln Park and find a coffee place nearby. We ended up choosing a different place for the pictures, but ever since I saw Bow Truss I wanted to try it. 

First of all, I love their website. They have videos of each location! I also like their logo. I know it's silly to judge a place on their marketing, but Bow Truss had me at first click. 

Both locations (in the loop and Lakeview) I visited were so clean, spacious, and had nice, natural light. Their mochas are also phenomenal. I would definitely take a client here, and would even recommend it for a photo shoot. They're opening a few more locations around the city soon too.

Until next month! And if anyone ever wants to join me on my monthly mocha trips, let me know. I'll treat you to whatever warm drink you'd like. :-)

  We stopped at the loop location after picking Michael up from his train. It was nice to have a place to relax as a family for a few minutes.

We stopped at the loop location after picking Michael up from his train. It was nice to have a place to relax as a family for a few minutes.

Phone Photography Friday

It's the last Friday of October! Just two more months till the end of the year. Can you believe it?

Today my daughter is having her Halloween party at school, then her friend is coming over to paint some pumpkins. Tomorrow her ballet class is letting them come in costume and invite a friend. Afterwards, we're spending the day hanging with friends baking scones, drinking hot drinks and handing out candy. I hope you guys have a great candy-filled weekend! I’m sure you’ll be taking lots of pictures of the fun.

Today we are going beyond the technical aspects of creating a picture and talking about telling your story.


With each image you are relaying something to your viewers. Have you thought about what that is? How are you portraying yourself or your business? Are you thinking about your social media feeds as a whole and what those pictures are saying about you?

Now is the time to think about the visual message you're sending, and to step it up. Come to the workshop and we'll show you how you can tell your own story through images and engage with your audience. 

It’s going to be a great time! We will have snacks, sweets, and a time for you to take pictures you can use for your own social media accounts.


When: Nov 9, 2015 | 5:30-9:00

Place: Lewis Tower, Loyola University Chicago | Beane Hall -13th Floor | 111 E. Pearson Chicago IL 60611

See the full schedule