Monthly Mocha - M2 Cafe

I feel bad for the cafe that had to follow my wonderful experiences at Dollop last month, but M2 Cafe was the one to do it. M2 is located in the West Loop and is the second location of the Morgan Street Cafe. 

I really liked the relaxed vibe. It was never overly crowded or loud. Each time I visited I stayed for a few hours to work and felt really productive since there aren't a lot of distracting things around. It would be a really nice place to meet a client. It's a great space for making conversation. It's a bummer that they have a closing time of 5pm, but this is definitely a good day spot. 

Now for the good part: Their mochas. I tried a regular hot one, and it was gooooood.

*A fun fact about me is that whenever I have a hot drink, I always end up burning my tongue because I'm impatient.  Always.

Doesn't their space look inviting? Very modern, yet hipster.