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We want to get to know you over a cup of coffee and hear about what brought you together. We want to capture the affection you naturally share with each other.

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Kim & Jim


We had a great time capturing the many different scenes of Chicago with Kim and Jim during their engagement session. What I love about this shoot is that each location is significant to them. They also included their cute dog Jackson. After spending some time with him, we definitely added Jack Russells to the list of dog breeds we will consider when we get a dog. He is so curious and playful.

We also made a stop at Wrigley Field. Jim is a Cubs fan. Kim is a Sox fan. The playful rivalry they share is so cute (although probably not so playful on game days).

We had a great time despite the unusually cold September weather.

posted on September 15, 2014 by karina

Louise & Sheldon


Louise and Sheldon braved the cold windy weather with us on Saturday. We started at their first apartment in the city. Then we walked to their favorite cafe, and talked about their wedding plans over a cup of coffee. We finished up on a friend’s rooftop which gave an amazing view of the Chicago skyline.

posted on September 1, 2014 by karina

Kristin and Joe at River East


Karina and I were so blessed to meet Kristin and Joe today for their engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are much more than just pictures for us, because we use this time to get to know the couple. A wedding is such a personal event, where you are surrounded by your closest friends and family. If we can be comfortable with the couple before that day arrives, It’s a better experience for everyone.

Joe is so full of energy and wit. He’s constanly smiling and making her smile. Kristin is peaceful and thoughtful. His constant companion.

One of the really interesting things about their wedding is that it’s so similar to Jeremy and Julianna’s wedding. Just like Jeremy and Julianna, they’re doing a winter engagement shoot in Chicago, the ceremony will be in Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church and the reception will be at the Armory Arts building in Jackson. We must attract a very specific customer.

They get a lot of admiration from us for braving the cold and snow so well. Kristin was wearing heels throughout the shoot, and we had to walk through a lot of snow and slush. Their bravery payed off. You can feel the energy and affection they have for each other through the photos.

Look for more to show up soon!

posted on September 1, 2014 by michael